Posted: 06.05.2021 22:30

Since the last changes did not improve player population last wipe, we’ve decided to change things drastically this time. is now a PvE server with PvP enabled during the WipeWeek!
The WipeWeek starts on the thursday before WipeDay and will disable NoRaid and the RemoverTool.

What changed exactly?

– The servers name is now: PvE Noob friendly X2/2X Insta LD BP+
– The AuthLimit plugin has been removed
– No limit on maximum team size – StackSizes have been increased to 5x (from 2x)
– Backpacks now have 7 rows (from 4) – The rules have been updated to reflect these changes
– NoRaid: protects players as well as their belongings protects vehicles/helicopters while driving/flying makes turrets/shotgun traps/samsites (by players) ignore players does not require charges anymore and can be left enabled indefinitely

What changes are yet to come?

– The RemoverTool will be unlocked completely, allowing you to remove anything you’ve built/placed
– The SignArtist plugin will be enabled for all players
– Players will be able to buy and place personal recyclers for PlayPoints
– PlayPoints will allow players to show server-wide statistics and a leaderboard for gathering/kills/etc

We’re working on getting these changes done during the coming wipes!

Don’t like the current configuration?
Vote for changes in-game using /QotW!