Posted: 27.02.2020 19:30

On April 14 2019 the first server went online.
Starting with a simple bi-weekly X2 wipe-cycle and only 7 plugins, the evolution of the server is quite impressive.
As of today we’re running more than 30 plugins at any given time while at least 3 of them have been developed by ourselves.

Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold and we did have some setbacks in the past few months. A good example? The Anti-Noob-Raid-Plugin. Provided as means to protect starters and give new players an opportunity to build a somewhat decent base before being raided, the plugins mechanics got abused by experienced players who would invite their friends to the server just to have them sleep in their base, protecting it with the plugin. This is just a small example on how a well-meant mechanic can and has been abused.

Another issue we have is the way patches are handled by Facepunch and uMod. As most of you know, due to being a modded server, we rely on uMod to be up to date with Facepunch’s releases. As uMod is mainly run by a single person (Luke Spragg) there are some unavoidable delays while waiting for his patch to become ready. The biggest issue with this is that in most cases we need to apply multiple patches as the first one is rarely the final patch. Usually there are some issue which get reported about 1-2 hours after the first patch hits which trigger another one to be released. This means more downtime due to another restart of the server to apply these fixes.

Last but not least, buggy plugins.
In the past 3 wipes we’ve encountered multiple game-breaking bugs in plugins which we cannot be sure if they have been abused in the past or not.
For example: The Skins plugin has had a bug (up until 1 month ago) which allowed players to duplicate ammunition. Obviously, this is a very big problem, as this is a plugin was meant to only change the skin of an item. Another case of the duplication issue must have existed with the FurnaceSplitter plugin in combination with StackSizeController, according to it’s author. (the latter, we’ve patched ourselves back then).

Unfortunately the amount of votes casted through the surveys on are still on a steady decline which made us rethink this way of collecting votes as well.

To tackle all of the above points and the fact that the server is practically dead two weeks after wipe due to it being very easy to dominate the server with as a trio and a few hours of farming, is going to evolve once more.
This time though, we will be going back to the roots of Rust to take more advantage of the games built-in balancing using closer to default stack sizes (X2 instead of X5), gather amounts (X2 instead of X2 +3) while keeping the most usefull and safe plugins like a realisticly sized backpack (4 rows instead of 7), InstantCraft, unlocked level 1 blueprints, a strongly restricted RemoverTool, etc.

What will change exactly?

– The servers new title will become: X2/2X|Solo/Duo|Instant|LD|BP+ Monthly
– Votes may only be casted in-game using /qotw, the survey on will be removed.
– The teamlimit will be set to two (2) making it a Solo/Duo server.
A new plugin called AuthLimit will make sure that a maximum of 2 people can be on any authorization list (tool cupboard or turret) at
any given time.

Some of the changes below are up for vote in-game using the /qotw command mentioned above since we’re not sure what people prefer under the new circumstances.

1. Minimizing the risk of being affected by a uMod bug or plugin exploits (the following plugins will be removed):

– AutomatedEvents (no more heli farming because of /voteday)
– DeathNotes (no more free kill confirmation)

– RandomSpawns (back to spawning at the beach)
– SkipNightVote (no more /voteday)
– Skins (no more /skins)
– Welcomer

2. Make the experience more challenging/vanilla/realistic (the following plugins will be changed):

– 1/2 of normal decay (change from 1/3 to 1/2)
– Map Size will be adjusted to match the new Facepunch default of 4250 (this will make sure that we have the new Ring Road and big monuments)
The following plugins will be changed:
– Backpacks (change from 7 extra rows to 4)
– Kits (a simple starter kit only)
– LootMultiplierPlus (change from X2 +3 to X2 +0)
– StackSizeController (change from X5 to X2 stacks)

3. Keep the most reliable and in-house plugins (the following plugins will stay the way they are):

– BlueprintManager
– FurnaceSplitter
– GatherManager
– InfoPanel

– InstantCraft + ItemSkinRandomizer
– ModeratorHelp
– RemoverTool
– Village + Jail
– PlaytimeTracker
– PrivateMessages + Ignore
– QuickSmelt
– ServerInfo
– Voting (Questions of the Wipe, /qotw)

We understand that these changes are not for everyone and we will most likely lose some players but we strongly believe that these changes will make the server more active through the coming wipes while at the same time being fairer due to balancing and removal of error or exploit prone plugins.

Don’t like the current configuration?
Vote for changes in-game using /QotW!