Posted: 03.10.2019 15:30


While we are waiting for the latest patch to arrive, here are the changes for this wipe:

The FurnaceSplitter plugin is active since the middle of this wipe (see earlier news) and seems to be working just fine!

Voting: As we constantly try to improve your expierence, the next logical step is to try to move the surveys and newly found “Questions of the Wipe” into the game. Therefore we are testing some plugins which should help achieve exactly that. For now the “Questions of the Wipe” will move to an in-game command called /qotw for easy voting. Apart from it being in-game and not requiring you to open a webbrowser, this voting system also allows votes to be associated with SteamIDs to prevent duplicates. We hope that we will be able to move the whole server survey into this in-game voting system in the future.

PlaytimeTracker: You can now check your playtime using /playtime in chat. Some voting options in the future will require a certain amount of played time.

The non-fuel small generator will be removed as a /kit as the QotW regarding it ended 8 to 9, in favor of removal. We will add the question again for in-game voting as it is a very controversial topic.

Settings are going to stay the same as this is what most people voted for.




Don’t like the current configuration?
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