Posted: 02.05.2019 20:45

Our updated server and the third survey just went online!
Here’s a excerpt from the Server Information Page as a quick overview: X2|2X|BP+|LD|Loot+|Stacks+ Weekly WIPED 02.05 02/05

  • Blueprints (BPs) wipe monthly on ForceWipe. Next ~06.06.2019
  • Weekly map wipes. Next: 09.05.2019
  • Blueprint Manager (Level 1 BPs unlocked)
  • CraftingController (2x craft speed)
  • GatherManager (2x gather)
  • MagicLoot (2x loot, +1 item)
  • QuickSmelt (2x smelt)
  • StackSizeController (2x Stacks)
  • Voteday
  • LowDecay (1/3 of default)
  • Map Size/Seed: 3000/82 (MapGallery)

You can either join the server by clicking this button: 

or by hitting “F1” in the main menu of the game and entering:


Thank you all for voting and don't forget to cast your votes for the next wipe!