Name: X2|2X|BP+|LD|Loot+ Weekly WIPED just now 09.05 09/05


This is a server based on your votes casted on!

Settings for this Wipe:
– Blueprints (BPs) wipe monthly on ForceWipe. Next ~06.06.2019
– Weekly map wipes. Last: 09.05.2019. Next: 16.05.2019.
– LowDecay (1/3 of default)
– Map Size/Seed: 3000/82

Plugins for this Wipe:
– Backpacks (extra inventory space, use: bind b
– Blueprint Manager (Level 1 BPs unlocked)
– CraftingController (2x craft speed)
– Horde (Zombie Wipe Event)
– GatherManager (2x gather)
– MagicLoot (2x loot, +1 item)
– QuickSmelt (2x smelt)
– StackSizeController (2x Stacks)
– SkipNightVote (voteday)

Don’t like what you see?
Vote to change settings/plugins/mods on!

– Max team size: 5 (attacking/defending/roaming)
– No alliances!
– No hacking/bug abuse!

– To call for an admin use the keyword ‘adminhelp’ in chat
– We only allow non-playing admins with prior experience in customer relations and conflict solving to administer our servers
– Even though they are not actively playing, our admins will always use an in-game avatar to communicate with players, this is to ensure accountability for things said and done by any admin
– You can ask to have misplaced/obsolete foundations or objects removed using the keyword ‘adminhelp’ in chat

Have fun!