Name: X2|2X|BP+|LD|Loot+|Stacks+ NEW 14.04 14/04


This is the first server based on your votes!

Settings for this Wipe:

  • Wipe in 2 weeks ~ 02.05
  • Blueprint Manager (Level 1 BPs unlocked)
  • CraftingController (2x craft speed)
  • GatherManager (2x gather)
  • MagicLoot (2x loot, +1 item)
  • QuickSmelt (2x smelt)
  • StackSizeController (2x Stacks)
  • Voteday
  • LowDecay (1/2 of default)
  • Map Size/Seed: 3000/2267057 (MapGallery)


  • Max team size: 5 (attacking/defending/roaming)
  • No alliances!
  • No hacking/bug abuse!


  • To call for an admin use the keyword ‘adminhelp’ in chat
  • We only allow non-playing admins with prior experience in customer relations and conflict solving to administer our servers
  • Even though they are not actively playing, our admins will always use an in-game avatar to communicate with players, this is to ensure accountability for things said and done by any admin
  • You can ask to have misplaced/obsolete foundations or objects removed using the keyword ‘adminhelp’ in chat

Have fun!