Posted: 27.05.2019 22:30

Dear Players,

our planned server maintenance on the 25th of may unfortunately turned into unplanned maintenance.
What happened:

On the 25th the planned maintenance was to make updates, reboot all systems and prepare some systems for a move to newer hardware. The move to newer hardware was planned for months and should have happened in the next planned maintenance window. Unfortunately almost immediately upon arrival at the datacenter we’ve noticed a RAID controller not responding. The systems it was serving where still running without problems but the controller wouldn’t respond to queries. This would mean that we wouldn’t be notified about hard drive failures in the future. After some back and forth we decided it would be best to make the move to the new hardware now instead of trying to get that controller to work again as we didn’t know if the conroller would survive a reboot of the host machine. Of course this unplanned move meant a bigger downtime for all systems. We apologize for that but it was the only reasonable course of action to take at that moment. Thanks to this we’ve prevented any chance of data loss and are now running on up-to-date and more powerfull hardware.

Thank you for your patience during the downtime, please don’t vorget to vote and as always, enjoy your stay on!