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Our goal is to provide a Rust server that evolves with every wipe using your votes!
Our surveys are completely anonymous and don’t require any information whatsoever. The latest survey and previous results can always be found on the bottom of this page.
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1. You vote

You cast your votes for your favorite settings and plugins. The survey will usually be open from the first day of the current wipe until two days before the next wipe.


2. We analyze the data

We prepare a server configuration based on what most people voted for and try to improve the next survey’s questions and answers based on Your Ideas.


3. You[r]Rust experience goes live!

The next wipe will have the newly voted on settings in effect and everybody will be able to experience a real community-based Rust server.


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Map Wipe

Posted: 16.05.2019 23:45 The map has just been wiped! As you might have noticed this map wipe took place very late and depending on your timezone may have been on the 17th. We did this to get some buffer for the upcoming ForceWipe. As we can't be sure at which time...

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Map Wipe & New Plugins!

Posted: 09.05.2019 14:00 The map has just been wiped and we've enabled two new plugins! With Survey #2 we've added new questions about Backpacks and a Zombie-Wipe Event to the surveys. As all votes collected up until now are in favor of these plugins, we've enabled...

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Server & Survey #3 online!

Posted: 02.05.2019 20:45 Our updated server and the third survey just went online! Here's a excerpt from the Server Information Page as a quick overview: YouRust.net X2|2X|BP+|LD|Loot+|Stacks+ Weekly WIPED 02.05 02/05 Blueprints (BPs) wipe monthly on ForceWipe. Next...

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Rust Update, new Server Settings and Survey #3!

Posted: 02.05.2019 00:30 Dear Players, as a new Rust update hits today the server will be ForceWiped as soon as the update is available. We expect this to be within the next 18 hours. Unfortunately Survey #2 finished with only 2 votes which lead us to further decrease...

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Server & Survey #2 online!

Posted: 14.04.2019 22:00 Our first server and the second survey just went online!Here's a excerpt from the Server Information Page as a quick overview: www.YouRust.net X2|2X|BP+|LD|Loot+|Stacks+ NEW 14.04 14/04 Wipe in 2 weeks ~ 02.05 Blueprint Manager (Level 1 BPs...

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First server in the making!

Posted: 14.04.2019 20:00 We've got 40 votes and are preparing the first server configuration based on them! Please keep voting, share the link and stay tuned for a www.YouRust.net server in the modded server list!

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  1. No starters kits people are wrong. You already get a ‘hunter-like kit’ every 30 minutes on the 2x. And it’s already increased gathering.

  2. wanna HAPIS


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