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Our goal is to provide a Rust server that evolves with every wipe using your votes!
The surveys are conducted in-game using the Voting plugin.
The latest changes based on your votes can be found in the News section below.
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How it works


1. You vote

You cast your votes for your favorite settings and plugins using /QotW in-game or let us know in the #suggestions channel on our Discord server about a change that you would like to be able to vote on.


2. We analyze the data

We prepare a server configuration based on what most people voted for and add or update the Questions of the Wipe based on your ideas.


3. You[r]Rust experience goes live!

The next wipe will have the newly voted on settings in effect and everybody will be able to experience a real community-based Rust server.


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FurnaceSplitter plugin

Posted: 27.09.2019 20:30 Lot’s of people have asked for the FurnaceSplitter plugin. As many of you know there was one major issue with the plugin and apart from that the wood/time calculation didn’t work as intended due to the increased smelt rates. After some...

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Loot plugin changes due to a bug

Posted: 12.09.2019 17:30 As we've just discovered a bug in MagicLoot making stuff in boxes appear way more often than they should, MagicLoot is disabled until the author fixed the issue. (Shooting down one Helicopter resulted in 4 stacks of ammo and 26!!! C4 in some...

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ForceWipe: new map, settings and plugins

Posted: 05.09.2019 10:30 While we are waiting for the latest patch to arrive, here are some of the new plugins we are going to enable for this wipe: InfoPanel (shows players/sleepers/events)RemoverTool:After lots of discussions and tweaking settings, we're happy to...

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3 new plugins enabled!

Posted: 17.06.2019 21:30 To make it easier to administer the server and because we've received some complains about certain events not starting (Chinook, Tanker), we've enabled 3 new plugins today: PrivateMessages Use /pm <name> <message> to send a private...

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ForceWipe: new map, settings and plugins

Posted: 06.06.2019 18:00 The patch has arrived and besides horseriding and new crafting prices, here are the changes for this wipe cycle: X2 Multiplier stays but StackSizes will be increased to X5. The Map WipeCycle changes from weekly to monthly. BluePrints (BPs) are...

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Upcoming ForceWipe

Posted: 06.06.2019 11:30 As we are preparing for the next ForceWipe we've noticed that some questions in the survey are currently undecided (50/50). We would like to urge everybody to keep voting until the patch hits (approx. early afternoon) to make these choices...

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Feedback is always welcome!
If you have any suggestions or would like to see a questions of yours as a “Question of the Wipe”, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the #suggestions channel on our Discord server (link above)!