Posted: 09.05.2019 14:00

The map has just been wiped and we’ve enabled two new plugins!

With Survey #2 we’ve added new questions about Backpacks and a Zombie-Wipe Event to the surveys. As all votes collected up until now are in favor of these plugins, we’ve enabled from now on!

To use the Backpacks, simple open the games console by hitting “F1”, and issue the following command: “bind b”. This will make your “b” key open the additional backpack.

Until the votes say otherwise, sets of zombies will be spawning on all monuments, starting 2 days before every map wipe. As the current Wipe Cycle is weekly, this means the first zombies will appear in 6 days on the 15th of May. For now there are going to be 4 slow but strong zombies but we’ve added a question to survey about the type of zombies possible.

Thank you all for voting and please don't forget to cast your votes for the next wipe!