Posted: 06.06.2019 18:00

The patch has arrived and besides horseriding and new crafting prices, here are the changes for this wipe cycle:

X2 Multiplier stays but StackSizes will be increased to X5.
The Map WipeCycle changes from weekly to monthly.
BluePrints (BPs) are unchanged and wipe on ForceWipe only.
The map size increases from 3000 to 3500 (12km²).
Decay is unchanged and will remain at 1/3 or default.
Max team size will be reduced to 3 to match the vote for Trio’s.
Level 1 BluePrints will stay unlocked.
InstantCraft will replace 50% faster crafting.
Loot+ will be increased from 1 to 2 additional items.
Voteday will stay active.
A Starter Kit will be added.

The following new plugins will be added:
DeathNotes (announce kills in chat)
Kits (Starter Kit)
RandomSpawns (no more beach)
Welcomer (greet people in chat)

The Teleport and RemoverTool questions in the survey are currently fifty-fifty.
When it comes to new plugins, we want to see a clear indication that the majority of people is in favor of them, before activating any.
Which is why we did not enable them this time. 

Don’t like the current configuration?
Survey #4 is open now! Vote for change!