Posted: 05.09.2019 10:30

While we are waiting for the latest patch to arrive, here are some of the new plugins we are going to enable for this wipe:

InfoPanel (shows players/sleepers/events)
After lots of discussions and tweaking settings, we’re happy to announce that the RemoverTool will be activated this wipe!
It is strongly restricted to prevent walling in loot or other kinds of abuse. Foundations, Walls, Doorways and items that can be picked up by default, cannot be removed.
High External Walls/Gates, Large Furnaces, Water Catchers, Barricades, Chainlink Fences, Beds, Ceiling Lights, Signs, Land Mines, Embrasures,Workbenches, Prison Cell Walls, Shelves, Shop Fronts, Oil Refineries, TCs, etc. can be removed by the person who placed them (owner).

Settings are going to stay the same as this is what most people voted for.

As for the map we have a poll running on the discord server for you guys to choose which map seed to use this wipe. Please join our discord to participate!


Don’t like the current configuration?
Survey #5 is open now! Vote for change!