Posted: 07.11.2019 17:30


While we are waiting for the latest patch to arrive, here are some of the changes for this wipe:

There are no changes based on the 7th server survey results as most people voted for settings to stay the same. The DeathNotes plugin is at fifty-fifty and will be added as a “Question of the Wipe” and might get enabled mid-wipe.

The “Questions of the Wipe”‘s results showed that the anti-griefing rule is wanted and will take effect this wipe. The pre-patch non-fuel generator, now called “Test-Generator” will be added as a /kit again and the Community Area will have a level 1 Workbench.

The Village, Community Area:

Some players on the server wanted to create a PvE village for builders thus we will create a zone on the map and supply them with a plugin in the near future to support this effort. The zone will have the indestructible, NoPvP and other flags set to prevent damaging this Community Area. Using the plugin mentioned above, players will be able to teleport to this area and get resources for building. Upon leaving the area and if resources have been acquired through the plugin, the player will be stripped naked (inventory will be cleared). Storing loot in this are will be prohibited as it could provide a safe storage location due to its indestructible flag.

The results for Survey #7 can be found below and Survey #8 is open from now on!




Don’t like the current configuration?
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