Posted: 05.12.2019 23:30


The patch is here and these are our changes for this wipe:

The only the change based on the 8th server survey results is that our beloved +2 items will become +3 but the Questions of the Wipe’s results showed that the anti-griefing rule is still wanted and should not be removed. Therefore it will not be a QotW anymore until the issue arrises again.

The pre-patch non-fuel generator, now called “Test-Generator” will also stay as permanent /kit and can be up for vote in the future again.

The DeathNotes plugin will be enabled and will show PvP kills in chat. Suicides, drowning and other PvE related actions, will not be shown.

The feedback to the AntiNoobRaid plugin question was immense and we are looking into enabling it in the future. As of now it seems to have some performance issues though, which is why it propably won’t be activated this wipe.

The RemoverTool stays in place as it seems to work fine with its current limitations.

The AdminHelp plugin got an internal overhaul and will notify faster now.

The Village, Community Area:

The Village is slowly evolving but we’ve made some significant progress this wipe:
The Village-Plugin takes care of a couple of commands which can bee seen in /info -> The Village. It allows players to create protected TC’s in the area so they can claim land for themselfes. These TC’s won’t be accessible to the player after running the command as they get locked using a random code to prevent storing loot in them. Using the commands share and unshare, players can manage access for other players to these so-called VillageTC’s.

To allow new building styles and make it easier to access said buildings we’ve added the option to create so-called Teleport-Switches or VillageTS’s for short. These can be created from normal electrical switches which can be crafted for 5 high quality metal. By placing a switch and entering a comand, players can turn it into a VillageTS. Do the same to another one but instead use the link command to link them. After linking, players can teleport between those two VillageTS’s, by using them.

Storing loot in the Village is still prohibited as it could provide a safe storage location due to its indestructible flag. Therefore the plugin runs a so called VillagePurge every 45-60 minutes. This purge checks all storage containers in the area and removes blacklisted items such as raid-related resources, weapons or ammunition. As of now sleepers will be ejected to prevent walling themselves in with loot on them. But we are planning on adding player inventories and backpacks to the purge to not have to do this anymore.

The results for Survey #8 can be found below and Survey #9 is open from now on!




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