Posted: 09.03.2021 00:30

Since the server population did not pick up in the recent wipes, we’re going back to our roots with a solo/duo setup. Effective immediately the server will only allow pairs of two people to get together as teams. You will be allowed to raid, roam and defend as two while keeping our usual safeguards like the Village and NoRaid plugins.

What will change exactly?

– The servers new title will become: X2/2X|Solo/Duo|Insta|LD|BP+ Monthly (Exclusive Plugins)
– The teamlimit will be set to two (2).
The AuthLimit plugin will make sure that a maximum of two people can be on any authorization list (tool cupboard or turret) at any given time.

We consider this our last-ditch effort to increase population before closes it’s doors to the world.

Don’t like the current configuration?
Vote for changes in-game using /QotW!