Posted: 17.06.2019 21:30

To make it easier to administer the server and because we’ve received some complains about certain events not starting (Chinook, Tanker), we’ve enabled 3 new plugins today:

  1. PrivateMessages
    • Use /pm <name> <message> to send a private message to another player
    • Use /r <message> to reply to your last private message
  2. Ignore
    • Use /ignore add <name> to ignore a player and block incoming private messages
    • Use /ignore remove <name> to remove a player from your ignore list
    • Use /ignore list to show the list of people you are currently blocking
  3. AutomatedEvents
    • This plugin will ensure that events like the Chinook, Tanker and Heli are still happening, even when the NightVote (/voteday) plugin is enabled


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