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Moderators? Moderators!


Posted: 20.12.2019 08:00

We needed moderators and we’ve got moderators!
We’ve grown enough in size now that we have removal request’s due to the restricted RemoverTool on a daily basis. As we did have Maláketh and zajdong as moderators on discord already, it was time to provide them with some tools in-game. Just before developing the plugin however we found two very nice players (TardisChef and EpicChaos) who agreed to join us on this endevaour as moderators.

With 4 moderators on board we’ve created and tested the ModeratorHelp plugin. The plugin enables players to create so-called ModeratorRequest’s instead of the usuall AdminRequests. By using /moderatorhelp, a request get’s created and moderators get notified on Discord. They can then issue commands to initiate contact and/or teleport to the player. This action backups their inventory and backpack, gives them the green scientist suit, a toolgun and permissions to use the RemoverTool in admin mode. The moderator is invincible and not targetable by any turret, trap or NPC during this time and will therefore not drain any turrets in the vicinity. After removing the requested objects for the caller, the moderator closes the request and will be teleported back to his starting location. This strips him from any items he might have picked up, removes the given items and permissions while restoring their inventory and backpack. Should the caller feel unconfortable at any point, he may cancel his request using ‘/moderatorhelp cancel’ and initate the above procedure from his side.
Moderators cannot create ModeratorRequest’s themselves.

Welcome to the team TardisChef and EpicChaos and thank you for your support! Happy moderating!


Don’t like the current configuration?
Survey #8 is open now! Vote for change!

Village-Plugin Updates

Posted: 14.12.2019 07:30 The Village-Plugin got some significant upgrades again: You can now sleep in your Bed in the Village as we've improved the VillagePurge include to players inventories and backpacks in the purge.This means there is no need to eject sleepers...

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ForceWipe: new map and the Village-Plugin

Posted: 05.12.2019 23:30   The patch is here and these are our changes for this wipe: The only the change based on the 8th server survey results is that our beloved +2 items will become +3 but the Questions of the Wipe's results showed that the anti-griefing rule...

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ForceWipe: new map, rule, settings and plugins

Posted: 07.11.2019 17:30   While we are waiting for the latest patch to arrive, here are some of the changes for this wipe: There are no changes based on the 7th server survey results as most people voted for settings to stay the same. The DeathNotes plugin is at...

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MagicLoot replacement: LootMultiplierPlus

Posted: 04.10.2019 02:00   As the MagicLoot plugin is still not fixed and it keeps many people from starting this wipe, I went ahead and combined the ExtraLoot-Logic from MagicLoot with the Multiply-Logic from LootMultiplier. The resulting plugin,...

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Upcoming ForceWipe

Posted: 03.10.2019 15:30   While we are waiting for the latest patch to arrive, here are the changes for this wipe: The FurnaceSplitter plugin is active since the middle of this wipe (see earlier news) and seems to be working just fine! Voting: As we constantly...

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FurnaceSplitter plugin

Posted: 27.09.2019 20:30 Lot’s of people have asked for the FurnaceSplitter plugin. As many of you know there was one major issue with the plugin and apart from that the wood/time calculation didn’t work as intended due to the increased smelt rates. After some...

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  1. No starters kits people are wrong. You already get a ‘hunter-like kit’ every 30 minutes on the 2x. And it’s already increased gathering.

  2. wanna HAPIS


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