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Our goal is to provide a Rust server that evolves with every wipe using your votes!
The surveys are conducted in-game using the Voting plugin.
The latest changes based on your votes can be found in the News section below.
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How it works


1. You vote

You cast your votes for your favorite settings and plugins using /QotW in-game or let us know in the #suggestions channel on our Discord server about a change that you would like to be able to vote on.


2. We analyze the data

We prepare a server configuration based on what most people voted for and add or update the Questions of the Wipe based on your ideas.


3. You[r]Rust experience goes live!

The next wipe will have the newly voted on settings in effect and everybody will be able to experience a real community-based Rust server.


Back to the roots


Posted: 09.03.2021 00:30

Since the server population did not pick up in the recent wipes, we’re going back to our roots with a solo/duo setup. Effective immediately the YouRust.net server will only allow pairs of two people to get together as teams. You will be allowed to raid, roam and defend as two while keeping our usual safeguards like the Village and NoRaid plugins.

What will change exactly?

– The servers new title will become: YouRust.net X2/2X|Solo/Duo|Insta|LD|BP+ Monthly (Exclusive Plugins)
– The teamlimit will be set to two (2).
The AuthLimit plugin will make sure that a maximum of two people can be on any authorization list (tool cupboard or turret) at any given time.

We consider this our last-ditch effort to increase population before YouRust.net closes it’s doors to the world.

Don’t like the current configuration?
Vote for changes in-game using /QotW!

Bigger = Better?

Posted: 12.10.2020 00:30Since the server population did not pick up in the recent wipes, we're going to try something new. Starting November 5 the YouRust.net server will allow groups of 5 people to get together as teams. You will be allowed to raid, roam and defend...

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Posted: 03.09.2020 23:30Since last wipe we can gather some statistics like the ones below and we will publish them here and on the Discord's #announcement channel.If you do not want to be included in the Top5, please DM me and I will remove you. //Top5 Kills Top5 PvE...

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Quarterly Blueprints

Posted: 06.08.2020 11:00As most people voted to have Blueprints wipe quarterly from now in the /QotW, blueprints have not been wiped!They will be wiped end of September and then again end of December and so on! Don’t like the current configuration? Vote for changes...

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We’ve come a long way..

Posted: 27.02.2020 19:30On April 14 2019 the first YouRust.net server went online. Starting with a simple bi-weekly X2 wipe-cycle and only 7 plugins, the evolution of the YouRust.net server is quite impressive. As of today we're running more than 30 plugins at any...

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Moderators? Moderators!

Posted: 20.12.2019 08:00 We needed moderators and we've got moderators!We've grown enough in size now that we have removal request's due to the restricted RemoverTool on a daily basis. As we did have Maláketh and zajdong as moderators on discord already, it was time...

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Village-Plugin Updates

Posted: 14.12.2019 07:30 The Village-Plugin got some significant upgrades again: You can now sleep in your Bed in the Village as we've improved the VillagePurge include to players inventories and backpacks in the purge.This means there is no need to eject sleepers...

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Feedback is always welcome!
If you have any suggestions or would like to see a questions of yours as a “Question of the Wipe”, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the #suggestions channel on our Discord server (link above)!